No Cause For Alarm

Honored among Knoxville's Best Local Releases of 2018  by Blank News


"The most engaging thing about the group is that its players intentionally stray from a signature current/classic sound/genre template ... the songs smack of gleeful experimentation and possess the same kind of energy one might expect from a teenage garage band" - Luke Brogden/Blank News


"...forty minutes of music that minds of the sounds of a bubbling brook on a spring day which holds the listener close" - Emerging Indie Bands Blog

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Greetings! This is Jim with People Places Things here to introduce our debut album No Cause For Alarm. We’re quite pleased with how it turned out. We’re even more pleased that we can now share it with you! 


If you haven't heard us before, here's the quick run-down. Our sound has roots in alternative-rock, for example, The Pixies, Weezer, Modest Mouse, and Knoxville's own Superdrag. So we mostly do melodic pop songs with the big fuzzy guitar sounds and thundering drums and bass. We stir in a little post-rock flavor sometimes too. And most of our songs have a fairly upbeat tempo to keep it rocking.


No Cause For Alarm is an album about that uncomfortable sensation of feeling out of place - wrestling with who you are, how to make sense of it, and finding balance between conflicting aspects. For example, the song "Piece of Mind" frames a panic attack as an instructional exercise, a chance to directly connect with that anxious part of your soul and "make peace" with it. Other topics on the album include dealing with vanishing friendships, a misplaced tune that somehow keeps playing in your head, and making a deal with the grim reaper. 


Our process for creating this album has been a tale of musical discovery and schooling. We recorded the album ourselves, only outsourcing the final mastering step. All the graphic design and photography for the album was also done in-house.


We started with rough drafts of the songs and some ideas of how ideally we’d like them to sound. We read tutorials and experimented. We mostly used recording equipment we already had or purchased any necessary tools. The recording process was challenging but ultimately rewarding - and even fun! Click tracks were used to keep each instrument in sync. After a while, we all got use to the incessant “BEEP, tick tick, tick. BEEP, tick, tick, tick etc.” heard in the headphones. We all became better musicians through the process. And gradually we discovered the sounds we had set out to create.


Listening to the completed album, you can hear it has an abundance of subtlety baked in. Nuances are waiting to be discovered at every turn. In fits and starts we've been creating No Cause For Alarm for about two years. We find ourselves kind of surprised that it ended up surpassing our expectations for what we’d be able to accomplish. We hope you enjoy listening to it!